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The Pit Martial Arts & Fitness

Welcome to The Pit Martial Arts. Home to the best self-defense and fitness programs for the entire family. Sign up for a free trial class.
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Welcome To
The Pit Martial Arts & Fitness

The Pit was started in 1985 by John Hackleman in Woodland Hills Ca. “I started The Pit because I wanted people to learn a no nonsense martial art and conditioning program.” Some of the world’s best fighters have trained at The Pit.”I never let lack of money come between you and Kempo. All I ask is that you give Kempo and The Pit the respect and loyalty it gives you. Confidence, loyalty, and humility are what I expect from all Pit Monsters”. John now operates The Pit out of Arroyo Grande, Ca. John teaches beginners and advanced Martial artists. He stresses mental and physical conditioning, power, and discipline. His classes are upbeat and fun, yet very tough. He combines his 25 years of Karate/Kickboxing experience to teach a blend of simple, yet effective fighting and training techniques.

The Pit is a place where kids from 3 years old to 14 can learn, practice and compete in the most effective martial arts and fitness program in the world. The Pit is a place where kids will be trained to never be bullied, and taught to never bully. The Pit is a place where adults can learn the most effective martial arts program and get into peak physical condition. The Pit is a place where the world’s best UFC, Pride and K1 fighters come to train with one of the most sought after trainers in history. The it has a genuine family feel and becomes like an extended family to our students. The Pit is a place where all workouts are old school tough, yet upbeat and fun. The Pit is more than a world famous gym; it is a place where people accomplish dreams. Whether it be losing weight, earning a black belt, getting into the best shape of their life, or becoming the UFC world champion The Pit is where dreams become reality.